Friday, 17 August 2018

Islamic Museum

The museum was very enlightening and informative. I was most interested in the art and its symbolism in regards to the Islamic faith, heritage and hardships. It was refreshing to hear about all the accomplished Islamic figures in contemporary day and the stories of how strong faith can build people's resilience in times of trouble.

It was nice to hear good things about the Islamic faith as media rarely shows that side, focusing rather on the negative and radically wrong crowds of people.

Shereen, the first speaker spoke of how she began her spiritual journey into the Islamic faith and what responsibilities come with it. She demonstrated her prayers and explained that no one can disrupt her when she is in the middle of her prayers. She also spoke on the political issues that come with the faith and how the generalizations people make are wrong. She stressed on the hijab being a choice for women and that she, nor anyone else would ever judge an Islamic woman for dressing a certain way.

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